The Prayer

We put the Prayer into the Prayer Breakfast
The Annual Day of Prayer offers a wonderful time for Christians to come together united in prayer. At the Inland Empire Prayer Breakfast, we have a very special tradition for prayer. We ask a person from each of the following four categories to come to the podium to lead us in prayer:
  1. Elected officials, government, non-profit, and educational leaders
  2. Business leaders, chamber of commerce leadership, and healthcare leaders
  3. Public servants, public safety, military, and those in the judicial system
  4. Pastors, religious leaders, and para-church organizations
Each prayer leader asks everyone in the room from their category to be seated while the rest of us stand and pray for them. While the person at the podium leads us in a prayer, he or she then encourages all of those who feel led to gather around the people seated for prayer. Many people have told us how powerful as well as humbling this experience has been to have so many praying for their strength, wisdom, and guidance.
Also, during the meeting we have a keynote speaker who provides inspiration and prayer and a singing and worship group who give us the opportunity to raise our voices in prayer.
The event continues with the prayer cards that we place at each table. Prior to the event, we gather the names and addresses of people in the same four categories that we pray for. They are color coded and pre-addressed. Participants are asked to take a set of cards, sign their name after praying for the person by name, put a stamp on the card and mail it. The message on the card is simple: "Dear friend, I attended the Inland Empire Prayer Breakfast today and have prayed God's blessing on you, your family and your staff." We have received many positive responses from those who have received the cards. The sentiment from so many elected officials, business leaders, public safety officials, and religious leaders has been that they were touched by learning that people prayed for them on the annual day of prayer.
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